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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy birthday sayang…

Sempena hari lahir suami esok, I make a surprise for him last night.. candle light dinner.yuhuu… even its not like a candle light dinner at five star or any star hotel im think its very special to him.. See his face when he open the door make me very happy..yes. I did it..

Hmm why not I make it at 1 feb? because we are separate at that time.. I think all of u know rite?? So I make chicken chop, mushroom soup and pudding as a dessert that nite.. So enjoy this moment k…layannnnnnnnnnn

for him

My preparation

Chicken chop

Mushroom soup


Our meal

My suprise for him
Love candle... make it him smile always


reading besday card from me

yeay..dh sgt sukeeeeeeeeeee

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haswani said...

hepi beday to abg ipar,kerol...smpikn salam kt dy ye!!!